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Turn Your LinkedIn into a Magnetic Sales Funnel

So you can go from being a beginner with a million questions & zero strategy to connecting with your first targeted, serious leads on LinkedIn in just 30 days, without the BS, and without feeling spammy!

It's time to take the first step. But where do you even start?

As a coach or service provider, you’ve seen your peers make huge waves on LinkedIn, likely even heard Gary Vee raving about how the platform is the way to build your business.

So you get started. You open up LinkedIn, only to realize…you haven’t touched LinkedIn in ages.

You have a million different questions and don’t know where to begin.

Your profile leaves you unimpressed, and your prospective clients likely feel the same.

And even after spending hours on your profile, you keep wondering, “what’s next?”

How do you find the right clients? How do you engage them authentically? How do you leverage your optimized profile to increase conversions?

Bottom line: you have no idea how to get the most out of LinkedIn to generate leads & sales for YOUR coaching or service-based business.

And let's be real, even with all the free information out there, it's not enough.

Free content, as valuable as it is, will never take you through everything you need to know to succeed. It won’t hold you accountable.

A paid course, on the other hand, will. Because you’ll be investing in yourself, and having that skin in the game will push yourself to implement, not later, not someday, but today.

That’s why I’m drawing from 12+ years of hard marketing & business lessons, to show you step-by-step how to apply my strategies to YOUR business, with real, live examples so you can increase conversions with dreamboat clients who see your worth.

I’ve gained 100s of quality leads for my coaching & consulting business almost purely on LinkedIn. I’ve helped my clients achieve the same level of success, and there’s no reason you can’t achieve the same.

We're transforming the frustration of having a profile you're not proud of, along with all the questions around what comes after the profile...

...into bold confidence knowing that your newly-optimized profile is converting, your outreach feels authentic & you can finally engage with leads with a strategy in mind!

Here's What We're Covering In My LinkedIn Course!

LinkedIn Course

Module 1

Whether you should be on LinkedIn or not, the key differences that put LinkedIn miles ahead of platforms like Facebook & Instagram, and how you can leverage them to find the right leads MUCH faster.

Module 2

How to grab the attention of your ideal clients, and only your ideal clients, so they’re excited to connect with you & discover your services, by using my simple but underused approach to LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn Course

Module 3

The secret profile formula that’s helped bring in the highest conversions for my clients, and examples of how to optimize the rest of your profile so that the leads are coming to YOU, not the other way around.

Module 4

How to consistently find targeted leads using LinkedIn’s most powerful client search tool and my tried-and-true secrets to starting genuine, productive conversations with potential clients.

You also get access to two NEW bonus lessons!

Module 5

How to start using the advanced search tool on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, to find laser focused and niched down target audience to match to your ideal clients.

Module 6

Learn how to start engaging with newly connected leads using outreach and engagement strategies and tips to truly turn LinkedIn into a LEAD GENERATION MACHINE. 

LinkedIn Course

Each module of the LinkedIn Course designed for easy consumption.

These quick, actionable trainings are all around 5-10 minutes long, so you can learn how to connect with and book more clients on LinkedIn at your own pace.

Plus, the first 15 to purchase my mini-course get a FREE bonus group coaching session on your LinkedIn!


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LinkedIn Course
LinkedIn Course
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LinkedIn Course
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LinkedIn Course
LinkedIn Course

I want you to see exactly what's possible when you implement these secrets!

LinkedIn Course
LinkedIn Course

This course isn't for everyone. But if you're a coach or service provider who...

Hey there! I'm Alia!

I’m a LinkedIn and Marketing Coach & Consultant for high-achieving online coaches and service providers passionate about transforming lives and making impact. I’ve spent over 12 years in the business and marketing world, and now I’ve applied that expertise to not only grow my own business, but also to help my clients increase their sales and marketing consistency, get back time in their business and build stronger, more genuine relationships with prospects and network.

And I’m putting those secrets into this mini-course, so you can start consistently attracting new leads on LinkedIn with crystal clarity on your own.

Alia Khatib LinkedIn And Marketing Consultant

Ready to start connecting with serious leads who WANT to work with you?