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What others have to say

I followed you because my LinkedIn is so outdated. I downloaded your free guide and it is SO good! I tweaked my profile thanks to this simple, straight-to-the-point guide. It was very helpful and I definitely recommend it!
It looks great Alia! I've taken a glance at the guide and it looks very helpful. I'll certainly be putting it to work. I've also shared the link with a handful of fellow coaches!
As you can imagine, I get sent a lot of sales pitches on LinkedIn (as I am sure you do as well) and I have built a shortlist of people we can potentially work with in the future. Just wanted to let you know that you are definitely on this small list of mine 🙂 All the best.
I like the way you have structured the process. Having a step-by-step guide is very helpful! Thank you so much for sharing!
Beginner's Guide To Get Started On LinkedIn

You’re passionate about your business and want to make an impact on your clients BUT

You struggle with connecting and attracting new coaching clients…

…you also heard that your ideal clients are hanging out on LinkedIn but you are not sure how to approach them or connect…

Hi, I'm Alia - and I've got your back. I made this GUIDE just for YOU!

What's inside this freebie?

Your ACTION PLAN to help you:⁠

1) Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to attract YOUR DREAM CLIENTS.

⁠2)Start having engaging and sales-driven conversations with YOUR NEWLY CONNECTED LEADS.

Imagine what it would feel like to easily communicate what you do and how you help your clients, just by updating your LinkedIn Profile i.e your sales funnel! 

This could be YOU!

Download this FREE GUIDE – and apply my strategies to start attracting your dream clients today!


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I help online coaches and service providers to double their sales & brand awareness through tailored business & marketing strategies!

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