Alia Khatib


Shift your busy marketing into consistency, results, and most importantly, something you enjoy.

LinkedIn and Marketing Consultant  for Coaches and Service Providers

+12 Years in marketing & Business Experience

Hi, I'm Alia!

I’m a LinkedIn and Marketing Consultant for high-achieving online coaches and service providers passionate about transforming lives and making impact. I’ve spent over 12 years in the business and marketing world, and now I apply that expertise to help my clients create tailored action plans and systems so they can make giant strides forward from the simplest steps. I’m with them every step of the way, because nothing excites me more than seeing their businesses flow with clients that light them up.

I help online coaches and service providers navigate the turbulent sea of marketing, with tailored systems, strategies, and 1:1 support to consistently attract dreamboat clients, get out of your own way/see new levels of growth, and confidently run a high-impact business that doesn’t run them.

Picture this: You spend your hours mainly on working closely with your clients without having to worry about where your next paycheck or clients will come from because you have set up a system that generates a consistent stream of pre-qualified clients to your inbox.

Marketing is not a guessing game, it’s an art, mixed with science, backed up by data!

When you work with me, you maximize your resultsgiving you back more time and freedom to work closely with your clients and creating an impact on their lives.

So, here is what I do...

I Help Passionate Coaches & Consultants Gain Clients Consistently & Scale Their Business Hassle-Free, Allowing Them To Focus More On Coaching + Impacting Others

Are you an online coach or service-based entrepreneur who...


Wants someone to guide them through all the “marketing stuff” (you gotta know what you don’t know!), so you can reach the right people, and sell without being too salesy.


Wants to end the cycle of rollercoaster months, and fill your months with a consistent flow of high-end dreamboat clients.

90 min strategy session

Wants to enjoy your life outside your business (think sunkissed beaches with the family), and not be drowning under busywork that doesn’t serve you.

Through my 1:1 consultancy program, we’ll craft a tailored marketing strategy, with the accountability & support to help you consistently attract dreamboat clients, expand your impact, and create ripples of growth across your LinkedIn, Instagram, and beyond.

My Three Power Steps

90 min strategy session

Make A Plan

Clarify your niche, your offer, and your message, so we can create the most efficient path to attracting your dream clients on social media.


Make A Shift

I’ll give you my secrets and unwavering support so you can reach the right people, build genuine relationships, create resonant content, and grow your community, so you can shift your focus to what matters, and take back time in your business.


Make Big Waves

We’ll put the right tools and systems in place, so you can automate and delegate, make consistent sales, and continue creating ripple effects of growth across your socials, your emails, and beyond.

Here's What We'll Dive Into

When we work together, we'll cover everything you need to market with crystal clarity

LinkedIn Expert

I work on leveraging your Linkedin platform to bring in as many targets and qualified leads as possible, and booking 10+ sales calls per month. Just get on the sales calls and sign them up. Together, we will build a powerful network of qualified leads that will consume your content, get on sales calls, and refer you clients.

Social Media Strategy

Let's be honest, anyone can post on social media, but only a few know how to post and convert followers to clients successfully. I help you plan a social media strategy that targets and speaks to your ideal audience and gets you results!

Content Marketing

I understand that every business is different and needs a different approach. I help you create content which is specifically designed to get you the results you want by focusing on the desires, problems, wants and needs of your dream clients and customizing the entire process for your success.

Lead Generation

Your coaching business can be profitable only when you have consistent leads coming in everyday. I help you generate these consistent leads, stress-free, so that you don't ever have to worry about finding your next client.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important parts of your business. I help you set up personalized email campaigns that speak to your cold leads and turn them into hot ones, which are ready to jump on a call with you!

Sales Strategy

We'll craft a sales strategy that aligns with you, set key goals, and set the right funnels in place, so you can sell with confidence, not feel icky about it, and know exactly where your next client is coming from. By the time we're done, sales will be second-nature to you and time-wasting calls will be a thing of the past.

Love from my favorite clients!

Bree Zampogna

Mindset & Success Coach

Lama Younes

Career coach

Clients' Results

reviews that speak for themselves!

Ready to attract clients on LinkedIn?

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It’s Your Turn…

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I help online coaches and service providers navigate the turbulent sea of marketing, with tailored systems, strategies, and 1:1 support to consistently attract dreamboat clients, see new levels of growth, and confidently run a high-impact business that doesn’t run them.

Alia Khatib