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I will tell you exactly how to Double your sales but only if you promise me you won’t let fear stop you from executing.


I'm your Business and Sales Consultant and Coach, with over 14 years of business and sales experience, helping service providers and coaches build profitable sales frameworks and funnels to accelerate their income growth without feeling salesy or pushy. Let me be your Sales and Accountability Guide.

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Alia Khatib

Consistent flow of leads and sales, while having systems and structures to keep you consistent in your business, showing up in your content and for your community


Wants more time off, knowing that your business has sales funnels working on autopilot, attracting quality leads, so you can work less while making more


You know you deserve to get paid more for your expertise,  and now you're prepared for a rapid 3x growth in income and online presence


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Business Accelerator program is a 6 months high touch group program designed to get you your first 1-3 high ticket clients within the first 4 weeks in the program by implementing my Profit Sales Funnels Framework. 

This program is for you if you want to learn money-making techniques to find ideal clients and convert them within the first 90 days

6 months
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Business Accelerator 


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Stop wondering, "What do I do next?" You'll always have a daily strategic action plan

Sign up 80% of clients confidently through sales calls, that you now enjoy!

Regularly attract committed clients willing to pay you high ticket without excuses

Strategic and profitable service and offers that people actually want and pay for

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Are you ready to reach your first and next $3000-5000 months in the next
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