that you can now book a vacation and still know your business will be generating qualified leads, and booking sales calls that turn into high cash months?

wouldn't it feel

Are you a service provider or coach looking to sign high ticket clients within 90 days, and every month afterward?

Inside my Business Accelerator Group Program, I will teach you how to reach your first $3k-5k month in 90 days, and then generate it consistently afterwards. I'm all about signing high ticket clients i.e a client package more than $1,000.

This will be facilitated through a group program featuring high-touch support and a curriculum focused on building the Profit Sales Funnels Framework. You'll receive support via live weekly calls and personalized 1-on-1 feedback through Slack chat for personalized feedback and reviews.

Booking discovery calls and signing high ticket clients is now easier


and your dream clients are just waiting for you to sell to them!

You feel you are overworked and underpaid, and that you should be paid way more for your years of expertise 

You feel invisible online, you engage, you keep creating content, but no one is replying back or booking sales calls

You feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and have doubts about your ability to run your business

You don't like social media, marketing yourself, or even selling, but you know you'll have to do them eventually, and you're unsure where to start

You've achieved $1,000 in monthly sales, but you're uncertain about how to increase your sales and maintain consistently high cash months

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

Make your first $3,000-$5,000 in sales within 90 days, and sustain high cash months without the marketing overwhelm and without feeling salesy or pushy.

If you are ready to attract only serious, qualified leads without having to spend hours on content creation and dancing on reels and instead focus on building relationships and closing high-ticket clients with ease, then joining Business Accelerator is
exactly what you need.

Business Accelerator for Hitting Your
First $3,000 -$5,000 In Sales

My 6 months Group Program
(Open enrollment)


This program is always accepting enrollment so you can sign up anytime and start your 6 months group program.

You can finally disconnect and not worry about where your next client is coming from because you now have multiple sales funnels working on autopilot, getting you warm leads, and booking sales calls.

Now, you can book that vacation and take time off to enjoy it with your family and friends

How will it feel to have clarity in your business, feel empowered, and know you are on the right track?

Implement a high-converting sales process to effectively close direct messages (DMs), inbox conversations, and sales calls, aiming to secure 80% of them

Regularly attract clients that are super excited to work with you and are financially rewarding so you no longer need to worry about where your next client is coming from

Build a strategic and profitable service package that your clients actually want and that ensures you never leave money on the table

Build your business foundations, have more clarity, structure, and direction in your business while being supported by a coach and a community

Get my visibility blueprint so your ideal clients know you exist and are continuously nurtured through relationship building versus tacky pushy sales tactics

Learn lead generation and sales techniques to find ideal clients and convert them within the first 6 weeks by creating social media funnels with ease

This program is for you if you want to

Stop worrying about how to pay your bills and have extra income to book your next vacation while your business is still running and getting in leads and sales calls

Learn how to create your first lead magnet and promote it via faceless Reels to get email sign ups and attract new clients


hit your first $5k month


Business Accelerator Group program is a 6 months
high-touch program designed to sign High Ticket clients within the first 6 weeks in the program by implementing my Profit Sales Funnel Frameworks


I'm your go to sales and marketing strategist and consultant. I help service providers to build a successful business and earn consistent high income months through business, sales, and marketing strategies

When we work together, you will gain a clear marketing plan and create systems and processes in place, knowing exactly what you need to focus on saving you time and decreasing frustration

Why work with me? I've spent over 3000 hours in last 4 years investing in learning from other business coaches, taking courses, and many trial and error. I've spent over $30,000 in my business development

I've worked with over 100 clients, generating $80,000 in sales for my business, and helped my clients make over $350,000 in sales for their businesses

I’ve spent over 14 years in the
 business and marketing world

Why should you work with me?

Cultivate a strong mindset that will help you deal with failure, rejection, imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs. Refine your business so that it's aligned with you and claim space in your industry

Mindset Development


Build systems and structures so your leads are flowing with ease and on autopilot. I teach you powerful automation tools such as Instagram DM automation to save you time while engaging in conversations with your warmest leads in just one click

Systems & Automations


Discover how to market yourself effectively and confidently through video to connect with your audience and create trust. Plus learn how to create videos without showing
your face and still getting DM inquiries

Video Marketing


Master how to create content strategically, with ease, faster, and with the right message at the right time. I will share all my best hacks and time saving tips to be consistent in your content

Content Marketing


Learn the step by step process to launch your first lead magnet and your first email marketing campaign so that you can build and grow your email list and nurture your warmest leads

Email Marketing


Learn how to build my Profit Sales Funnels Framework to fill your pipeline with warm serious leads. Learn the sales mindset you need so you can show up confidently, handle objections on calls, and sell out your offers and services. 

Sales Strategies


Identify the best channels and learning the tools and strategies you need to attract your clients based on market insights. Learn permission-based selling and DM training so you never feel pushy or icky about outreach or prospecting. I'm all about conversation-based selling

Lead Generation


Build a profitable offer suite by learning how to create signature offerings. We'll also design a comprehensive customer journey that translates into sale conversions

Revamp Your Offers


Get the tools and strategies you need to know the ins and outs of your target audience and know how to speak their language, and what's on their mind so you can easily sell to them

Refine Your Audience


Here's what is covered

What's inside

SHOW ME ROI of this program

A Community Chat Channel on Slack, where you will be able to share and celebrate your wins and progress with the group, creating accountability. When one of us wins, we all win! "I love the sense of community (small and more connected)"

Receive content copy coaching with personal video feedback to ensure your create high converting content that markets and sells your offers

20+ video course lessons (with lifetime access) + all NEW and updated lessons that will be added + access to all my resources, tools, and worksheets so you can save time while learning all the proven strategies to create consistent sales

1:1 Chat Support using Slack (a chat app) to review and audit your work, give direct feedback , and provide an open space to ask me questions and receive personalized feedback so you can course correct and know that you are headed in the right direction

A Live Call Calendar that includes: Hot Seat Consultation, Co working sessions to work on live lead generation or content creation, and Live Trainings. These calls will help you get all your burning questions answered and get you doing the work. Group calls are every Wednesday at 6 pm Madrid time

What's included when you enroll:

BONUS: My LinkedIn Course that gets you in front of high ticket, serious leads to sell with ease, all AUTOMATED, saving you so much time!

BONUS: Over 50 + proven and tested message scripts to start engaging with your audience and turn strangers into paying clients that can't wait to work with you 

Live Co-working sessions to create content and lead generation live together and ask questions and get direct feedback on your ideas and approaches, and build your habits to create content and lead gen weekly.

Course Modules
Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak OF

Behind The Scenes  

Secure your first $3,000-5,000 month in the next 90 days and continue to generate high cash months consistently and without any doubts

Book at least 20 discovery calls every month, with ease, and without being salesy or pushy

Know who your target audience is, how they think, how can you really help them and take them from struggles to massive transformation, within the first month of the program

You create a 30 day content plan on just one of our live co working sessions 

If you are a go-getter, high achiever, willing to do the work and invest your next 6 months learning proven strategies and applying it right away to start seeing results

Here is why this program is the
perfect fit for you

Stop worrying about how to pay your bills and have extra income to book your next vacation while your business is still running and getting in leads and sales calls

You are ready to hire your first team member and now you work 4 days a week, enjoying long weekends, knowing your business is working on its own and smoothly


You now can start at least 5 daily conversations with complete strangers who become your biggest fans, on a daily basis and with so much ease, you are shocked of how easy it was

What My Clients Say


Ali shares his experience inside my program and how his business transformed as well as how he shows up for his business now, overcoming limiting beliefs and feeling more empowered. He reached $5000 in his second month and created multiple $5k months in his mindset coaching business

Ali Taqi,
Purpose Mindset Coach

Joe Chahwan,
Career Coach & Skills Trainer

Joe shares his experience after just 2 months in the program and the kind of results you can expect and talks about what we worked on together. He reached his first $5,000 also in his 2nd month, and even closed a $14,000 sale, and another $16,000 through his corporate workshops

Lama was feeling stuck in her new coaching business and needed support and accountability to ignite her spirit back into her business. Together we were able to help her close $26,000 in just 4 months working together. She shares her experience in this
heartfelt video.

Leadership Coach

Elyssa shares her experience and what she worked on inside the program to hit her first $5,000 months, increase her rates, establish client boundaries, and get booked out within 3 months. 


Elyssa Abi karam
Website and Brand Designer

"In 3 months working in the group program, I created new packages after market research and signed clients with the new packages and made $7,000 in 1.5 months. 

I understood the importance of follow ups and engaging actively and started sharing more client work and case studies online. I now make consistent $5,000 months and have been booked out 2 months in advance and added a waiting list!"

Fully booked out, increased rates, and had to make a waiting list!

Purpose mindset Coach

"Helped me look at what value I was delivering and articulating that. Helped me develop a 1 page marketing plan and review my marketing strategy. Previously I had zero income months to some 8K to 12K months."

"It's been really good to experiment and to take action with someone who has experience and knowledge"

Marie-Christine Nawfal 
mindfulness coach

"I'm learning a lot on how to look at my business differently. Planning for it the right way and then utilizing the different platforms in my benefit. There has been a mindset shift on how those are supposed to be part of my job being a full-time coach. 

Just the idea of having a 5K every month unlocked a few ideas to be more in control of my business income. Having that as a goal, I know how to work towards getting it achieved. Another win would be the hacks on how I create story posts and increase engagement and deliberately interacting with my engaged followers."

"Just the idea of having a $5k month was her biggest mindset shift to that possibility and reality" 

Jenna G.

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The Healthy Life RX is a total game changer!


Iceland typewriter hot chicken, affogato tbh yuccie fanny pack pinterest portland hell of coloring book street art marfa. Shoreditch air plant squid, pop-up chambray kale chips actually brunch humblebrag mixtape occupy cornhole. 

This course helped me take control of my business 

Course FAQs

more information

who is this for?

What is the Business & Marketing accelerator? 

What platforms will you focus on for lead generation/sales?

What makes your program different?


How much time do I need to put in?

I’m already making $1-3k months, what do I need to do differently to hit $5k months and consistently? 

Are there live calls or it is a self-paced pre-recorded course? 

Setting up my proven profit sales frameworks so that you have multiple sales funnels working for you on autopilot, attracting only serious quality leads and converting them into high ticket clients

Missing out on making high cash months, hitting your first $5.000 month within 90 days, and raising your prices to what you deserve while working less and making more

Revamping your offers, increasing your rates, and building your first sales funnel to attract serious quality leads only ready to invest in you 

Hiring your first team member and working 4 days a week, enjoying long weekends, knowing your business is working smoothly on it's own

This is what you’ll miss by not enrolling right now:

still on the fence?


You love opening your Instagram page and seeing sales inquiries 
and opening your email with 5 discovery calls booked already,
what a feeling!

Securing high cash months and signing premium clients will be easy for you because you will create offers based on data and insights and you will market your heart out of it! If you want more clarity and structure in your business, and a simplified business that you actually enjoy running,
then this group program is for you.

Worried about not reaching it? Don't be! I've got you covered with a solid guarantee and a clear pathway to success. Ask me about it.

Unlike other marketing business group programs, my program teaches you how to actually create sales through conversation based selling and learn how to build real genuine relationships with your dream clients in few easy steps.

You can finally disconnect and not worry about where your next client is coming from. You now feel calmer, empowered, and fulfilled


secure your next clients within 60 days